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Recruiting orthopedic surgeons: How can a physician search firm help you hire?

Apr 10, 2023 | ,
Successful orthopedic surgeon recruiter hiring

In the highly competitive world of orthopedic surgery, securing top talent is crucial. This specialty demands significant resources to recruit successfully—in effort, expertise, and time. This intense competition is just one of the many reasons to engage an orthopedic surgeon recruiter when seeking exceptional orthopedic surgeons. A specialized physician recruiter can prove to be an indispensable partner in your quest for the perfect orthopedic surgeon who aligns with your desired candidate profile and meets the requirements of the role.

Recruiters Can Match Surgeons with Your Priorities

Determining your desired candidate profile and priorities before you start will save valuable time, money, effort—and a great deal of frustration.

First, ask yourself, who do I want?

Rank your list by priority of importance. Which are your highest and which can be categorized as a preference? Common priorities are:

  • Specific fellowship training
  • Having recent training and the leading-edge skill set
  • What the budget can afford to pay
  • A surgeon who is willing to participate in call
  • A surgeon who is willing to do a mix with general

Common preferences include:

  • Timing of the surgeon coming on board
  • Personality or how the surgeon fits with the other surgeons
  • The surgeon’s bedside manner
  • Years of remaining service in the surgeon’s career

Often, the surgeon hired checks the top few high-priority boxes but not all the preference boxes.

Specialized physician recruiters have access to a wider pool of eligible candidates than most human resources departments or hiring managers. Their networks and connections across the industry allow recruiters to reach out to a larger number of potential candidates who meet most or all your candidate priorities and preferences. Their deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the specific needs of healthcare facilities, particularly when it comes to hiring for specialized roles like orthopedic surgeons, can provide valuable insights and guidance on the hiring process and help ensure that the facility finds the best possible candidate.

Recruiters Bring Time and Cost-savings

Navigating the complex world of physician recruitment, particularly for specialized roles like orthopedic surgeons, can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Healthcare facilities often find themselves allocating substantial efforts to attract, interview, and secure top talent in a highly competitive market.

In surgery, time lost is revenue lost. Locum tenens surgeons can slow the revenue bleed, but they are an expensive and not financially practical long-term solution.

By partnering with a specialized physician recruiter, healthcare facilities can streamline this process and benefit from their extensive industry knowledge and understanding of specific healthcare requirements. This collaboration relieves the pressure on in-house hiring teams, enabling them to prioritize other crucial tasks.

With access to a broader pool of qualified candidates—including elusive passive job seekers who may contemplate new opportunities despite not actively searching—orthopedic surgeon recruiters significantly improve the chances of securing the ideal candidate for the role. Time and monetary savings are just icing on the cake.

With their valuable experience in contract negotiation, specialized physician recruiters can obtain favorable terms and circumvent potential setbacks, further reducing hiring costs.

Engaging with a specialized physician recruiter offers a more effective and budget-friendly approach to acquiring top orthopedic surgeons. This collaboration allows healthcare facilities to concentrate on delivering exceptional care to their patients.

Recruiters Bridge the Gap Between Surgeon and Employer

Any orthopedic surgeon worth bringing on board will have his or her own list of priorities and preferences in a new position. An experienced physician recruiter can help employers prepare for and address these potential dealbreakers without investing significant time in the interview process. We recently addressed five of the most common priorities of orthopedic surgeons:

  1. Location – Usually the highest priority in an orthopedic surgeon’s job search. For less desirable locations, compensation must likely be higher.
  2. How fellowship training fits into the group – Offering more specialized training and less general orthopedic work can make a position more attractive. This is often a tradeoff with call, location and caseload, depending on which is most important.
  3. Control over career and role – For some surgeons, the potential for partnership within a privately-owned or physician-led group outweighs a role with a health system.
  4. Compensation – Be transparent about the production formula, workload requirements, bonus structure, payback clause, ancillary income, benefits package, and any opportunities to buy into the surgery center.
  5. Timing – When do you need the new surgeon to start? On average, it takes about six months from application to onboarding.

Many things can drive the search for a new provider and finding the right fit is about meeting those expectations. At Priority Physicians, we believe that success isn’t about making the placement, but about creating a long-term fit. As a national permanent placement physician recruitment firm, we recruit all physician specialties related to orthopedic surgery and orthopedic mid-level providers. Centrally based in Illinois, we are ideally positioned to service the entire United States. By providing services of the highest standards, we can facilitate long-term relationships between candidates and clients.

Our results-based contingency agreement is low risk with competitive terms and guaranteed. We customize our recruiting assistance based on your search criteria, priorities, preferences, and urgency. You may increase our effort at any time with several elevating options, including a fully retained search.

To learn more about our recruiting services or to start a search, contact us today.

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