Healthcare Recruiting FAQs

Do you charge fees?

We don’t charge any fees to candidates, nor do you lose any compensation by using our services.  Our clients have a separate recruitment budget.  All we ask from you is open communication which is necessary to effectively help you.

Do you recruit nationally?

We are connected with private physician groups, large health systems, and solo providers across the entire country.

Do you recruit Permanent or Locums?

We only recruit for permanent positions.

Which specialties do you recruit?

We work with all physician specialties and mid-level providers.  We do not work with RNs or Allied Health.

What are your hours?

We are in the office 8:30am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday.  Our recruiters can be available outside normal business hours per appointment.

Where is your healthcare recruiting firm located?

Our office is physically located 10101 IL-47, Huntley, IL 60142

Do you recruit for part-time positions?

We do have part time positions, but the majority of our listings are full time.

If there is not ‘the right’ listing on your website, can you still help with my job search?

YES!  Keep in mind that our website is constantly being updated.  Jobs are constantly being filled.  If you share your job search criteria and priorities, then we are able to keep you informed of new listings that match your criteria as they become available.

Can you help my current practice with healthcare recruiting?

YES!  Please visit the EMPLOYERS section of this website.

I want to know about compensation, but there’s not a great amount of details on your job descriptions or none at all.

Regarding compensation, there are many factors which affect compensation and is often subjective to the individual (experience, patients per hour, how many days per week, skill set, etc).  Also, most clients prefer not to have their compensation information shared in detail for all to see.  Sometimes there are levels of discretion, but compensation will be disclosed in detail at some point during the interview process.

Have more questions about our healthcare recruiting process?  Contact us today.