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Priority Physicians is a leading medical recruitment firm dedicated to building careers and helping medical institutions make the right hire. Our firm started in 2005 and has remained singularly devoted to healthcare and physician recruitment, aligning ourselves with the high ethical standards established by the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR). We are solely focused on creating a process that understands and values the significant relationship between employers, medical professionals, and the recruiting experts that bring them together.

Any career search, from telehealth jobs to dermatology jobs or anything in-between, has its challenges and stressors. Healthcare positions, by nature, can augment these stresses. We work to alleviate these career search stressors, focusing on your unique goals and priorities to match you with an opportunity that fully reflects and benefits you.

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Professional, helpful, and confidential—these aren’t just words on a page. They’re our purpose—our promise—ensuring you and your unique situation are always at the forefront. Our years of recruiting experience have allowed us to hone our process, ensuring we provide fulfilling results and the best communication while tailoring each search to the specific needs of the professional and organization.

Whether you’re seeking telehealth jobs or simply trying to better understand what possibilities your career holds, we’re here for you. It’s your career. It’s your job search. We will help you find your options.

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Typical telehealth positions we fill

Below is a sampling of the telehealth jobs we’ve placed. Don’t quite see a role that's meant for you? Reach out to our team—we have recruitment experts who can match you with the right opportunity for your unique career growth and goals.

  • Telehealth physician
  • Telepsychiatry – general
  • Telepsychiatry – child and adolescent
  • Telemedicine - dermatology

Take the next step—it’s time to meet your career goals. Connect with our team of recruiting experts and find your next great telehealth role today.