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For every Physician, there is a position. For each position, there is a Physician. Determine your priorities before starting your search and you'll find what you're looking for - quicker. Priority Physicians, Inc. was founded on this principle.

Our mission is to provide services of the highest standards which facilitate the connection and creation of long-term relationships between Physicians and clients. In an industry where expertise has been diluted by IT and Executive recruiters entering our field and large medical recruiting firms over-extending staff, you'll find new recruiters who are learning as they go - at your expense. We already have experience and expertise in Physician recruiting. That's all we've done. That's all we do. Welcome to Priority Physicians, Inc.

The human touch and direct interaction is a priority for us. We are people helping people and communities of people. Technology is wonderful and continues to expand communication capabilities which we carefully utilize in our day to day operations. However, technology has limitations which can slow the process, lead to misinterpretations, and ultimately the loss of opportunity. Open lines of communication has immeasurable value to us, our Physician candidates, and our clients.

Located in Illinois, Priority Physicians is strategically located to service the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii.